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THE MYSTERIOUS SHIN SHIRA - Magical Mystery and Adventure in Victorian London

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The mysterious Shin Shira is a being from an unknown realm who is more like a man than he is a magical being. An ancestor of Shin Shira had annoyed the narrator’s great grandmother, and she cast a spell on Shin Shira which would make him appear and disappear whenever the old lady chose. Unfortunately, it didn't work on Shin Shira’s ancestor but hundreds of years later, it somehow works on Shin Shira.

Shin Shira recounts a variety of adventures and mysteries about his comings and goings, involving a dragon, a roc, a Duchess, a magic carpet, a lame duck, the disappearance of a famous diamond and other fabulous things, before he attempted to settle down as a proper Gentleman in Victorian London.

But just how does the spell work and why does Shin Shira keep disappearing at the most inopportune moments?

10% of profits from the sale of this book are donated to charity.
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