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THE ROAD to OZ - Book 4 in the Books of Oz series

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In book four of the adventures in Oz books, we find Dorothy Gale back home in Kansas.

One day, she and her pet dog Toto meet the Shaggy Man who comes walking past the Gale farm. He is a friendly, yet slightly senile hobo with an optimistic, care free attitude. He politely asks Dorothy for directions to Butterfield, which is the nearest town on the prairie. The girl agrees to show him the way, bringing her dog with her. Further on, the road splits into seven paths. They take the seventh one and soon find themselves lost in what appears to be a strange land. The trio meets Button-Bright, a cute and wealthy little boy in a sailor's outfit who is always getting lost. Later, the companions encounter Polychrome, the beautiful and ethereal Daughter of the Rainbow who is stranded on earth.

On their journey, the companions eventually come to the peculiar town of Foxville, where anthropomorphic foxes live. With prompting from King Dox of Foxville. Further on they come to Dunkiton and meet King Kik-a-Bray. Later they meet the Musicker, who produces music from his breath, and end up fighting off the Scoodlers, who have a peculiar method of fighting. They manage to cross the Deadly Desert completely surrounding Oz.

Upon reaching Oz, Dorothy and her companions are warmly welcomed by old friends and celebrate Dorothy’s return with a great banquet. But did it really happen or was it another dream…….?

Contains over 130 pen and ink drawings including 13 full page illustrations.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities.

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