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She’s an accountant who likes order. He’s a bounty hunter for whom life is chaotic and dangerous. Can opposites attract when his world comes knocking on her door?


I’ve always craved balance in my life, so training to be an accountant and joining the family business, was a no-brainer. It’s safe, secure and there are never any surprises. That’s just how I like it.

On leaving the office Friday night, I never could have imagined that someone like Chase Hunter would end up dominating my weekend and potentially my life.

Sure I’ve seen him from afar, and maybe even drooled over him, but finding all six-foot-three of him in my backyard, and missing a shirt, is a different story. A story I find myself longing to read, slowly and thoroughly.


Chase Hunter, bounty hunter, and yeah, I’ve heard ALL the jokes, so don’t bother.

I prefer to call myself a bail enforcement agent, rather than model myself on some long haired reality star. Sure, I like to get my man and the reward as much as my famous counterparts; I just do it with less bravado.

It’s this drive to succeed that has me chasing a felon through half a dozen backyards on a Friday night. It's when the creep breaks into a house that things really get interesting. Sure, I catch the guy, but I also find Josie Robinson. And what a find. Could she be the woman I've been searching for all along?

If you're short on time but long for romance, you’ll love this series of steamy, curvy girl, opposites attract romances. They can be read in any order you choose, there’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

76 Pages...1-2 Hours to read... 15K Total words...


You will get a EPUB (781KB) file

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