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She loves everything about Christmas. He’s more bah humbug about the season. Will sparks fly when the elf in charge of illuminations and the electrician connect?


I love Christmas in California. I love the fake snow, the eggnog, the music, but I especially love the lights. The more the merrier being my mantra with illuminations. This year I might have gone a teensy bit overboard. I think it was life-sized reindeer that pushed me over the edge.

Lucian Davis sure as heck isn’t happy about my design choice, mind you, he’s never happy. Nope, he’s grumpy with a capital G. It’s a good thing he’s also G for gorgeous. However, on stepping in to help me with my reindeer issue, he’s way beyond grumpy, he’s furious.


I don’t get the appeal. To me, Christmas is just another day, one where I’ll get more call-outs than usual. What is it about folks overloading their electrical panels at this time of year? One house last year had enough lights that it would have been visible from space, if not for them blowing all the fuses.

On seeing Natasha Frank skating around on the roof of the Coogan's Break Welcome Center, I come close to blowing a fuse of my own. This is thanks to her elf costume highlighting all her good bits—and trust me, I’d know—and her about to hurt herself if I don’t step in.

If you're short on time but long for romance, you’ll love this series of steamy, curvy girl, opposites attract romances. They can be read in any order you choose, there’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

108 Pages...1-2 Hours to read... 24K Total words...


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