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She’s a doggy daycare owner who’s being run ragged by her charges. He’s a personal trainer who loves a challenge. It’s anyone’s guess who’ll be the first to lie down and roll over when they get together.


I can’t ignore the ache in my knees any longer. Then my Doctor says ‘absolutely not’ to my request for cortisone injections. Nope, she’s got something far more painful in mind.

I know she’s right with her advice, but this won’t make it any easier to swallow. I’m complaining bitterly right up until the point I see who’ll be administering her particular brand of medicine.

Dax Nichols is a polar opposite of me. Even Stella, his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, carries more muscle than I do. Does this mean he’ll go easy on me? According to him, that’d be a big fat NO.

We haven’t even started our first training session when my heart rate is already through the roof. That man without a shirt on is enough to burn calories all on its own. I hope he knows mouth-to-mouth.


When my big sister says she’s recommended me as a personal trainer, I’m annoyed. I’ve got enough on my plate getting my latest fitness app over the line. That’s when I see my new client.

I live in a world where muscle is king. Meanwhile, Bettany Brooks is curvy and all the more gorgeous for it. What was my sister thinking? I wouldn’t change a thing about this woman; she’s perfect as she is.

But, on hearing the challenges of her day and seeing her grimace in pain as we walk along the boardwalk at Coogan’s, I know I can help. And all without sacrificing that stunning figure of hers.

I’ve got a month to prove she won’t end up looking like Schwarzenegger, and that I’m the right man for her. With pup Stella at my side, how can I fail?

If you're short on time but long for romance, you’ll love this series of steamy, curvy girl, opposites attract romances. They can be read in any order you choose, there’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

100 Pages...1-2 Hours to read... 20K Total words...


You will get a EPUB (859KB) file

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