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She’s a lawyer who is questioning the toll her career is taking. He’s already faced the consequences of an all-consuming profession. Will these two learn that love beats work any day?


I’m being eaten alive by a career that’s consumed me for years, when I suddenly find myself on administrative leave. Unless I rediscover my killer instincts in the courtroom, I’m out of there.

When asked to house-sit by a fellow lawyer, I don’t give it a second’s thought. So what if I don’t have a clue where Coogan’s Break is? Anything is better than staring at the walls of my apartment.

On my second visit to Dynamic Five Dance, any thoughts of my job back in the city flee. The last time I saw Drew Morton-Huxley was at his final performance with Manhattan Modern Dance.

His dancing was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, leaving me squirming in my seat. The way he’s looking at me now and I wonder if I’m about to discover if he’s as good in the flesh as he had been on stage.


It has taken years, but I’ve finally accepted my life as a dancer is over. If I was a racehorse, they would have shot me that night.

I haven’t left that world behind completely, deciding that if I can no longer dance, I should pay my dues by helping those who still can, or at least want to.

While my dance school pays the bills, it doesn’t light my fire as performing used to. All that changes the second I spot Angela Bennington out in reception.

Womanly curves coupled with a body that moves like silk and I’m burning to dance with her. I’ll need to move fast though, if I’m to beat Juan Alcaraz, my teacher of Latin American, to it.

If you're short on time but long for romance, you’ll love this series of steamy, curvy girl, opposites attract romances. They can be read in any order you choose, there’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

90 Pages...1-2 Hours to read... 19K Total words...


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