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She’s hiding out at the crumbling mansion she’s inherited from her great aunt. After taking the fall for a crime he didn't commit, he’s decided the view from a prison cell isn’t to his liking. Will this pair escape together?


The reviews of my last novel went from blah to downright vicious. Brutal enough that I’m holed up at Eagle’s Nest to lick my wounds and make sure my next book has the critics choking on their words.

It doesn’t take long to realize the place is a dump. Fortunately, the spectacular views help soften this blow. Best of all is the view of Ethan Hunter making use of the outdoor bathtub.

The guy has bad-boy written all over him, mainly in ink. He’s not the sort I’d usually go for, and yet here I am salivating over his naked form. He does it for me in a big way, and I wish he would.


Coogan’s Break, the scene of many a youthful escapade, and some downright stupid crap I should never have got involved in. It’s those indiscretions that have me back in town, after a good long time away.

I’ve got one shot to clear my name if only for the sake of my grandfather, and that means playing with fire. Little could I know I was about to get burnt in the best way possible.

When Lindsey Abbott storms out of the bushes and grabs my clothes, I’m glad the water is cold enough to quell my response. I don’t need this—make that her—in my life right now.

If you like a bit of bad boy action, you’ll love Lindsey and Ethan’s story.

If you're short on time but long for romance, you’ll love this series of steamy, curvy girl, opposites attract romances. They can be read in any order you choose, there’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

96 Pages...1-2 Hours to read... 21K Total words...


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