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She’s furious about being trapped in Coogan’s Break, away from the bustle of her corporate life in LA. Meanwhile, he loves the beachside community, happy in his job and his single life. Might they both be about to experience a sea change?


I know exactly who to blame for my current predicament. Jason Ralph, the no-talent, Aussie, Executive Creative Director at the ad agency I work for. He’s had it in for me from the first day he hung that stupid boomerang on the wall of his corner office and I had the temerity to laugh and call him Cobber.

My parents then throw my life further into turmoil when they go ahead with the renovation of the family vacation home, where I’ve been stuck for lock-down. However, it’s being suckered into working on a 4th of July float that has me joined at the hip to that cocky player, Zac Thomas.


The only reason I signed up to work on that float was because I knew it would give me a chance to get to know Kelly Sanderson intimately. I know it’s a long-shot, with her having seen through every other move I’d made. It’s as if the woman is psychic where I was concerned.

And then she has to design a float that will put the space shuttle to shame, being as it’s almost as big. As we race to complete it on time, something strange happens. No longer am I out for a good time. Instead, I want to stick around for a long time.


If you like your romances on the steamier side, you’ll love this series of standalone curvy women, opposites-attract novels. There’s a guaranteed HEA with no cheating and no cliffhangers.

292 Pages...3-4 Hours to read... 47K Total words...


You will get a EPUB (705KB) file

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