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Winter Wonder Wrap

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The Winter Wonder Wrap is a long wrap knit on the bias. It is knitted in 24 sections so that you can use a mini skein countdown/advent calendar or your own 24 mini skeins. It can also be made out of one colour for the 24 sections and a contract for the bands in-between.

3.75mm / US 5 at least 80cm / 30” long

24 sock / fingering weight mini skeins,  the pattern is written for 10g but you can adapt it to use 15g or 20g – see notes

100g sock weight in a neutral colour for between your sections. I am using a darker grey Drops Flora, but any sock weight single colour skein will work

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

21 stitches and 30 rows over 10cm/4” stocking stitch knitted flat, blocked

(gauge is just an indication, the yarns and yardages might all be a bit different)

Size will vary a bit depending on the yardage of the mini skeins you have these are my finished measurements using various mixed mini skeins.

Width 45cm, length 254cm

This pattern is written in 24 sections to be used with a mini skein countdown/advent calendar.

It is intended for you to knit until your yarn runs out in each section, I have written the pattern using 10g. However, I will make some notes and suggestions as to how you can use 15g or 20g. You might very well not finish some of the patterns fully or get to repeat the pattern. Just knit until your mini is finished, being sure to end on a wrong side row.

How to adapt the pattern for 15g or 20g

If you have 15g or 20g casting on the suggested 120sts will make the wrap very very long, it is already a long wrap.

My suggestion would be to cast on between 180-240 sts if you have 20g and between 140-160 sts if you have 15g. This will make a wrap wider and a more manageable length. The problem is that the pattern in each section is worked over a different number of stitches, so it is almost impossible to give you a number to cast on that will mean each section will work out like written in the pattern.

The wrap is a simple shape so adapting the size is not hard. What you need to do is work the pattern for each section knowing the end of your row might end on a different number of stitches to mine. All you do is work as much of the repeat as you can and leave the last 2 stitches to k2tog. You still make 1 on the other end and the start of the rows will all be the same as mine if you have done all your increases.

For example, if you have a pattern that repeats over 8 stitches you might only have   6 stitches left at the end of the row, work 4 in pattern and knit the last 2 together.

The Wrong side is mostly unaffected as you just knit or purl the whole row and make 1 at the end. The only place you have to worry about the Wrong Side row is Day 4, 10, 15 and 21, they have a slip stitch on the wrong side and the numbers of stitches to work before slipping this stitch will be different if you cast on a different number of stitches. But as you purl this row it is fairly easy to see which was the stitch you slipped on the Right Side, you slip the same stitch on the back.

Another option is to cast on the 120sts and just work 12 days in 20g. For the 12 days of Christmas. This will make a larger pattern section but a wrap of about the same size as the original.

Alternatively, make 2 wraps using 10g each and gift one to a deserving friend or relative.

If you are printing out the pattern you will only need to print until Day 12, the pattern reverses after this point. Day 13 is the same as Day 12, Day 14 = Day 11, Day 15 = Day 10, Day 16 = Day 9 and so forth.


This wrap does not list specific yardages as it is meant for you to use the mini skeins you get or have and they might all be slightly different yardages.

- You can knit the entire shawl out of one colour yarn you will then just need the equivalent grams of yarn. 24 x 10g = 240g. Plus 100g of the same yarn, for the in-between sections

- You can knit the pattern sections all in one colour and then still have a contrast/neutral for your bands between the pattern sections. 24 x 10g = 240g. Plus 100g for the in-between sections

For these variations, I would still wind off the 10g minis so you know how long to make each section.
You will get a PDF (13MB) file