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Knotty Lessons Hardcover *BABE23* Special Edition

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Limited Print Run with Color Interior

This special edition cover was only available at the Ballgowns and Books Event author signing in Sydney, Australia. There are very few copies leftover and will not be printed again.


An undisciplined and disobedient omega brings great shame to a pack. After seeing the consequences of bad omegas, I know that sort of life isn’t for me. Following the path built by my parents will guarantee a good life with loving alphas.

Except my dreams shatter when a typo on my profile lands me with a pack of highly respected, intelligent…and quite a bit older alphas who were expecting someone with experience.

As for me? I’m not exactly flourishing with seductive prowess.

What’s worse? They’re professors at my university. We must keep our matching a secret or risk jeopardizing my final year and their careers. Unfortunately, as things warm up with my upcoming heat, our attraction proves hard to hide. I must embrace these sexy professors’ need to teach me how to be their perfect omega and one helluva knotty lesson.