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QUEEN ZIXI OF IX - more adventures in the Land of Oz - by L Frank Baum

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“Queen Zixi of Ix” was written by L Frank Baum, author of the many books in the Land of Oz series and illustrated by F Richardson with 86 exquisitely detailed drawings.

Our story starts on the night of a full moon, the fairies ruled by Queen Lurlene are dancing in the Forest of Burzee. Lurlene calls a halt to it, for "one may grow weary even of merrymaking". To divert themselves, another fairy recommends that they make something they can imbue with fairy magic. After several ideas are considered and rejected, the fairies decide to make a magic cloak that can grant its wearer one wish. The fairy who proposed it, Espa, and Queen Lulea agree that such a cloak will benefit mortals greatly. However, its wish-granting power cannot be used if the cloak is stolen from its previous wearer. After the fairies finish the golden cloak, Ereol arrives from the kingdom of Noland whose king has just died. On the advice of the Man in the Moon, Ereol is dispatched to Noland to give the magic cloak to the first unhappy person she meets.

The deed done the fairies return to Fairyland and they watch and wait to see what happens – and some amazing things do happen which lead to adventures across Noland and Ix. Some amazing things are wished for and given with the magic cloak. But what are they. Well you’ll have to download and read this book for yourself.

At some point word of the cloak spreads afar and Queen Zixi hears of it and desires it for herself. At some point the cloak is stolen and the search is on. During the search for the cloak many journeys have to be taken to find it. On the way our intrepid adventurers are flown to the Palace of the Witch Queen and later they encounter and defeat the Roly-Rogues, monsters which have invaded Noland. Can the monsters be defeated? Well you’ll have to read the story for yourself.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.
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