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Limbo City Lights (Lana Harvey Short Stories Collection) audiobook

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audiobook narrated by Hollie Jackson
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The complete collection of Lana short stories!

PRE-MORTEM : Travel back in time to the 1700s during Lana’s apprenticeship.
DEARLY DEPARTED : Check in on Lana during the 1920s.
HAIR OF THE HELLHOUND : Lana, Gabriel, and the hounds visit Apollo’s brewery in Summerland.
SEASON'S REAPINGS : A jolly soul in high demand sends Lana, Gabriel, and the hounds to Alaska.
DEATH OR SOMETHING LIKE IT : Lana Harvey meets Jesse Sullivan from author Kory M. Shrum’s Dying for a Living series in this delightfully grim crossover.
POST-MORTEM : Travel forward in time to the year 2300 and discover a brave new era of Death.

New to Lana and Limbo City?
If you love urban fantasy steeped in mythology, dark humor, gritty action, and paranormal romance, begin this series with book one, Graveyard Shift, today!

Lana Harvey spin-off series Return to Limbo City coming December 2021!
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