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2-Book Vocab, Methods & Techniques Bundle

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Two great resources art and ceramics teachers, ceramic artists, and art students.
By both and save.

Speaking of Clay: A Vocabulary Resource for Ceramics Teachers and Students (100 pages)
Clay Matters: A Go-To Guide for Ceramics Teachers and Students
 (100 pages)

by Tracy Fortune 

Format: PDF Digital Download
Length: 100 pages each
Audience: Art/Ceramics Teachers and their Students

About These Books: These books are designed to be handy resources for art/ceramics teachers and their students. 

CLAY MATTERS: Looking to learn more about working with clay? Clay Matters covers everything from getting started with clay, to firing and reclaiming clay. There are ideas, tips, descriptions, and step-by-step instructions for clay-forming techniques, glazing and decorating methods, as well as suggestions for delving into the creative process. Eye-catching pages with lots of diagrams and images give this resource broad appeal. Teachers, ceramists, and students, from novice to experienced, will love owning this handy resource. There are lots of student-friendly pages that teachers can incorporate into their lessons and more in-depth pages to help teachers and advanced students broaden their knowledge.

SPEAKING OF CLAY: This book is a quick guide to help understand a multitude of clay terms, techniques, tools and concepts. The many diagrams and images, interwoven with definitions and descriptions, give this resource broad appeal. Teachers, ceramists and students, from novice to experienced, will love having this book handy. There are lots of student-friendly pages that can be used as a part of a lesson and other in-depth pages to broaden the knowledge of teachers and advanced students.  Unsure of an ceramic term, check out the nine-page glossary.

These resources are the third and fourth in a series of ceramics books by Tracy Fortune. You might be interested in also getting the other books. 

1. “Clay Inspirations: 125 Technique Based Challenges to Spark Your Imagination” is technique-based, with chapters on Pinch Pots, Coil, Slab, Melted Glass, and Extruder Techniques and has lots of images to inspire students and artists. (164 pages)

2. “Functional Clay Inspirations: 100 Functional Ceramic Challenges to Spark Your Imagination” has over 100 functional artwork ideas and contains lots of inspiring images by students and professional artists.(110 pages)

3. “Sculptural Clay Inspirations: 100s of Ceramic Artwork Ideas Organized by Theme/Subject” is packed full of inspiring sculpture ideas by students and professional artists categorized by commonly used themes in art. (100 pages)

4. “The All About Clay Student Handbook with Chapter Review Questions and Activiites” is a ceramics textbook type guide with lots of great information to help students learn the basics of clay techniques, vocabulary, tools and more.  It includes chapter review questions and ceramics puzzles to help reinforce clay learning. (100 pages) Answer key PDF (27 pages) is also included in this bundle. 

7. “Clay Studio Tips: Over 100 Practical and Creative Ideas for the Ceramics Studio or Classroom” has lots of tips for organizing, glazing, decorating, cleaning, and teaching ceramics. (54 pages)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tracy Fortune is an author, artist and art educator who has taught art and ceramics for over 30 years. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and has worked at the elementary, middle and high school levels.
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