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CBT Social Anxiety - Assertive Defense

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Clinical workshop with 33 page PDF of PowerPoint slides and 17 MP3 audio tracks. Featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD. Audio only.

Length 2 hrs 11 min (1 pdf, 3 ZIP files)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Social Anxiety - Assertive Defense of the Self


  • 3 common CBT interventions used to treat Social Anxiety
  • Demonstrations of how to practice "Assertive Defense of the Self"
  • Helpful strategies for any level of social anxiety
  • Follow-up information on the Behavioral Experiments discussed in our clinical demonstration video on Social Anxiety (sku: vsa)
"Do not fall into the trap of talking about social anxiety. Instead, help your clients learn to cope with criticism."

This audio program was professionally recorded on location and edited for clarity and content. Attendees questions have been condensed for ease of listening.

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Copyright 2008-2020 Christine A. Padesky, PhD / All rights reserved.
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Customer Reviews

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S. Hopley

1 year ago

Very valuable

This was an excellent program. Very practical, with clearly defined behaviour experiments that illustrate the use of Assertive Defence of the Self. Within a day of reviewing it I was applying what I’d learned with my clients. My clients were receptive to the approach, and have provided very positive feedback about the skills they have learned. I used the approach with a client who is too nervous to go to a job interview. I am also using the approach with people struggling with addictions, since isolation has been a huge problem for them, and re-integrating into society is quite challenging. I’m so glad I made the purchase. I am currently completing my practicum in counselling psychology, the last step towards receiving my master's degree.

Ruth Morelli

1 year ago

a clear guide to reducing social anxiety

I was very curious to learn more about Padesky's concept of "Assertive Defense of the Self." I was pleased to hear it's something I already do, but call "taking the voice of the other." I especially liked her descriptions of behavioral experiments, though buying a camcorder, and setting up an office to watch is is just beyond my price range and skill. I think some of her suggestions are better suited for a large practice, rather than a solo practitioner. I especially liked the role play she and a confederate did since I could hear her escalating when she used the critical voice, something not easily conveyed in a book. She emphasized the importance of setting up a complete hierarchy which was helpful with one of my patients tonight. I realized the reason the patient couldn't do the homework was probably because we started at too high a Suds rating. I've now listened to the set 1 1/2 times, and plan to listen more often. It's well worth the wait time, and the money. Buy it!

Stephanie Rudeau

1 year ago

CBT for Social Anxiety

This audio CD was a speech from a workshop. It describes Padesky's approach to social anxiety in a way that's clear and interesting, with lots of clinical examples. This was a great find!

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