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Correlation noun a relationship between things, especially one stronger than chance explains

Ok, let's get this out of the way right up's reversible. It's reversible, and not just in the 'looks the same on both sides' sort of way. It looks totally different (and, if I may say so, totally awesome) on both sides. Especially the crowns...would you look at those? They fill me with glee!

For you, who are no doubt more fashionable and more organized than I am, this means you get to decide which side you like best and show that one off. For me? Well for me it means I can yank my hat out of my coat pocket and shove it on my head on the way to the mailbox and not worry about talking to my neighbor for ten minutes with an inside out hat on my head (again, this is not something that would happen to you...because you totally have your act together and would never have that problem).

And no, no before you ask it isn't any harder to work reversible cables than it is to work regular cables. The process is exactly the same! Think about it...all you're doing for cables is setting some stitches aside for a moment, working some other stitches, and then working the stitches you set aside. That's *really* all cables are, working stitches out of order. And that's true for reversible cables as well. Promise! You can totally do this!

The hat is written in four sizes (castons of 112, 126, 140, and 154 stitches), and you should feel free to adjust your gauge a bit to fine tune the fit of the hat. Just be sure that you’re working at a gauge that gives you a fabric you like with your chosen yarn!

I recommend working at something around 6, 6.5, 7, or 7.5 stitches per inch, and I’ve included a table to help you figure out what gauge you’ll want to use for your size. With that range of sizes and gauges, the hat will fit a head between 18.25 and 25.5 inches (with *lots* of points in between).

This is perfect for you if:
- You once put your hat on inside out and didn't realize it until after you talked to people you're totally going to see again for a solid ten minutes and the memory of that haunts you to this day (or, um, you just like reversible things)
- You absolutely must know how those cables work

It's not for you if:
- You don't like charts (the pattern uses charts)
- You hate swatching (you need to swatch to check your needle size)

If you're interested in the companion mitts (shown in the next to last picture), you can find them here. If you buy both patterns together at the same time, you'll get 50% off the second pattern (make sure you see the discount before you pay, the price for both pieces together should be $12.00).
You will get a PDF (2MB) file