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Middlemarch Mates, Book 11

Plan A sucks. Move over for plan B…

Sports commentator and reporter, Megan Saxon, has it all. The perfect career and freedom to do anything she wants, but as the years creep by she realizes love, or at least male companionship, has thumbed its nose at her. With the help of her agent-friend, she hatches Plan B. A brief love affair with a younger man will cure all ills and help her plan for the future.

The problem with plan B? Nothing, I repeat nothing, goes the way she plans, and she’s left gasping for breath, dodging reporters and suffering acute embarrassment.

The. Worst. Blushing. Epidemic. Ever.

Long-term widower and werewolf, Jacey Anderson, has moved to small country town Middlemarch to be near his grieving adult stepson, Henry, and to embrace the wide, open spaces with his wolf. He’s not expecting romance and especially with a public figure who attracts reporters like flies at a dung heap. His attraction to the sexy, sassy Megan has disaster written all over it, yet try telling that to his moonstruck wolf.

Yes, this Plan B has calamity written all over it for both parties. A pity that neither of them has a lick of good sense when they’re in the same room, touching… Kissing… Caressing…

Contains: werewolves, feline shifters, and creatures that howl at the night moon. There is also hot love, laughter and lots of teasing
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