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The Killuminati Ryda'z Mixtape Volume 3

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The Killuminati Ryda'z Mixtape Series was a collaboration between Aeileon, King Josiah, Prince Rasu, Desperado & Sleepi Blak. The focus was to awaken the Hip Hop scene by shinning the light on the dark forces at work throughout the world. It was also to pay homage to the legacy of Tupac Shakur (also rumored to still be alive under the name Akil the MC), The Notorious B.I.G. (rumored to be Soup aka Fullee Love), and Eazy E (rumored to be Marc 7 of the Jurassic 5). This was the Pre Born Again Christian days of Aeileon, before discovering the accurate truths of Biblical Prophecy in these Last Days. 

  1. TKR Volume 1
  2. TKR Volume 2
  3. TKR Volume 3
  4. TKR Volume 4
  5. TKR Volume 5
  6. TKR Volume 6
  7. TKR Volume 7
Disclaimer: All monies paid for this music is soley for Aeileon's vocals, editing, mixing, mastering and graphic design services. This material can be downloaded for free off and other platforms. Aeileon has never made any money from any of the contributing artist on any of the music released by Aeileon in the entirety of his music career.
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