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Out of the Ashes - Audiobook

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John Brandt is a man on the edge of professional burnout and personal self-destruction. Can the sweet innocence of the new neighbor help Johnny find the peace he has been seeking so desperately?

Fragile Catherine Kavanagh is grieving and alone with nothing but faith and determination to sustain her. Will the boyish charm of the neighborhood Casanova be able to break through the fear and heartache that clouds Catherine’s future?

Subtle Sensuality / Rare Mild Profanity


"Out of Africa" Series

Set in California during the late 1970s, the Out of Africa series covers the lives of John and Catherine Brandt along with a host of family and friends. Meeting the challenges of life with faith, hope, and love, this dynamic couple faces every day with a good dose of prayer, common sense, and humor.



Author: Michele Pollock Dalton

Narrator: Rick Barr

Publisher: Michele Pollock Dalton

Run time: 6 hours 8 minutes

Release Date: 05/01/2019
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