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Out of the Ashes - Audiobook


Out of the Ashes


Out of Time


Out of Desperation


Out of the Past


Out of the Blue


Out of Control


Out of Touch


Out of Options


Out of Chances


Mercies in Disguise


Ode to Odessa Audiobook


Got to Go


What People are Saying

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Beautifully written novels that take me on an emotional and passionate journey.

— Ashley H.

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Remarkable storylines with real characters and real heartaches - mixed with laughter and forgiveness.

— Cheryl B.

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I fall more in love with these characters in every book.

— Jennie S.

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You are incredible!!! I literally could not put your books down.

— Mary W.

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I was extremely impressed with the author's ability to create such deep emotional depth between two seemingly different characters.

— A. Hodge

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Oh. My. Gosh. Loved it. Like, love, love! WOW. All I can say is you are awesome!

— Amy D.

About Me

My name is Michele Pollock Dalton; and, I am an unapologetic romantic.  While most romance writers focus specifically on falling in love, I have chosen to write about people staying in love - living each day in a way that celebrates their relationship and focuses on building a strong, unbreakable bond.