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When she comes into view, I'm awestruck. In this moment, sitting at a grand piano, she's never looked more alive.
My name is Melody Peters and I'm dead. Gosh, that sounds dramatic doesn't it - except I guess you don't get more dramatic than dead. I have been awhile now. I've gotten used to it. I'm well past the acceptance stage.
I died when I was sixteen. A car crash. A drunk driver, I think.
I'd been on my way home from boarding school with my best friend Abby. But then I'd died. I don't think I was ready to die. I had too many things left to do. Fuck, I hadn't even written a bucket list yet.
The one thing I had done? I'd fallen in love. His name was Zach. Zach Mulligan.
He wasn't my first boyfriend. Hell, he wasn't even the first boy my big brother caught trying to climb out my bedroom window. Although, he was only the second. I wasn't a complete slag. But he was the first and only boy I ever fell in love with.
A Secret Melody is a Rules Series Bonus Story from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.
"I really loved Melody and Zach’s story. You will definitely need a box of tissues with this one! A fabulous series!" - Behind Closed Door Book Reviews
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