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Murdered by Human Wolves, The Werewolf Saga Apocrypha 2

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"[A]n amazing tale that introduces you to the innocence and curiosity of youth, the dangers around them, and leaves you thinking. Monsters DO exist. This story offers several 'monsters' - you decide who the real monsters are!" --Horror-Web


No one denies that 18-year-old Katherine Cross was murdered in 1917. Her gravestone in Konawa, Oklahoma, bears the epitaph "Murdered by human wolves." This is her story, pieced together from the bits of fact left behind and held together with imagination and the information gleaned from a paranormal investigator. This based-on-a-true-story account of the murder of Katherine Cross introduces readers to the world of author Steven E. Wedel's Werewolf Saga and includes his essay "On the Trail of Werewolves: An Interview with Mary Franklin, Paranormal Researcher," which details the findings of her research in the Konawa cemetery where Katherine is buried.


"[S]pooky and intriguing … Wedel lets his imagination run loose on [the] darker side, populating it with a clan of werewolf who are pagan, wild, bestial, and dare I say, pretty darn sexy." --The Horror Fiction Review

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