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Three Dreams at the End (2017 - 2019) - Low Voice and Guitar - Hard Copy

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Guitar | Low Voice | c. 15 Minutes

The physical score is booklet bound with a square-back spine, to facilitate lying flat, with a matte laminated card cover, and 120gsm pages (b&w).

Three Dreams at the End is a short cycle of three surreal songs for low voice and guitar, with spoken prologue, written for my dear friend Peter Norris

A wounded figure (perhaps a priest, a soldier, a father, a convict, an old man, a warrior) stumbles into an ancient wood.

As he waits for the end, three visions rise before him.

He greets them as old friends.

It is recommended that players both read from the full score.

The guitar part is written in staff and tablature notation, and requires some scordatura (more than one guitar may be used in performance if required/desired).