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Safeguarding Sorrel

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Sorrel Bitter Thyme seems destined to spend her entire life at the Children of Nature compound. Not an ideal situation. She dreams of so much more—a better future, one outside the cult where she can experience freedom.

After working long hours, she’s close to achieving her secret goal. She’s perfected the Dream Cream, which enhances orgasmic pleasure, and it’s time to approach Fancy Free management with her invention. Easier said than done! Sneaking around the cult leader who will steal her idea if he learns of the financial potential is tricky and rife with problems.

Jake Ramsey, a Special Air Services soldier on sick leave, agrees to go undercover in the cult to help local police close a case against the leader. Fun times when a beach holiday with a sexy babe would suit him better. Plain and dumpy Sorrel is his inside contact and not what he expects.
Their partnership works well. A rapport blooms, and kisses meant to cement their cover, take on new possibilities. Jake uncovers secrets, and their loving heats up, passion coalescing into more than camaraderie. Then danger stalks Sorrel. What began as a favor is now deadly serious—a game Jake must win to keep Sorrel safe.

Warning: Contains an alpha male soldier intent on protection, a determined ugly duckling heroine who dreams of freedom, and a cult leader with his eye on financial security and revenge.
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