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Zak Bates Eco-Adventures Coloring & Activity Book: For Kids & Animal Lovers of All Ages Paperback

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The beloved characters of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series come alive in this fun-loving coloring and activity book perfect for kids as well as animal lovers of all ages.

NOTE: The ebook edition of the coloring book is a PDF, not an epub or mobi which means you can print additional copies of the book for your children or print their favorite coloring or activity pages. So, sharpen up those crayons and colored pencils and get ready to have some fun with the family.

The book includes illustrations by the young artist, Elanor Frei, of the series:
  • Dominion Over All
  • Endangered
  • Ghost Elephant,¬†and
  • Junkyard Dogs
  • A fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. Activities include Word Search, Crosswords, a Reading Log, and a Write-Your-Own Story exercise.

Start the adventure today because who doesn't enjoy relaxing as you create your own works of art.

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