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Pledged to the Wolf: Reformed Rogues Book 3

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Dalziel 'the Wolf' Robertson
 is an enigma with many secrets. Part English and part Scots, he is silent, calculating, and deadly. The traits one needs to be the Red King's assassin (Book 2). Estranged from his mother's side, he abhors all things English, and with the exception of his inner circle of brothers and the occasional mistress, he is content to live a reclusive life. That is until he finds himself pledged to an English wallflower with a notorious reputation for being extremely dull. For some reason, she intrigues him and threatens his resolve.

Among the gentry, Clarissa Harcourt is considered to be a quiet, proper, boring wallflower. Finding herself in impoverished circumstances, she agrees to wed an unknown Scottish Highlander for a year and a day. It will be a marriage of convenience, enabling her to maintain her ruse because Clarissa has secrets of her own. Secrets that will place her life and heart at risk. Read a sample here.

Content Warning: Brawny alpha males, and feisty heroines. Not suitable for people under 18. It contains mature content, some violence and mild steam.
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