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Why Enhancing Your Italian Proficiency Through These Short Stories?

Bite-sized chapters: Go over a chapter in minutes. The vocabulary and grammar used are optimized for beginners and intermediate learners.

Bilingual wordlist: Useful vocabulary and expressions ready to use for your flashcards.

Quizzes: Test your vocabulary and grammar comprehension at the end of each chapter. The quizzes have been designed to help you retain the information you have gone through in the stories.

Translation Exercises: At the end of every chapter, you'll find translation exercises. Translating from English to the Italian language is a potent learning activity, as it helps recall from your memory what you have absorbed from the stories.

Speaking Prompts: Train your spoken Italian alone or with your tutor.

Cultural Insights about Italy: learn about some of the prettiest parts of Italy, alongside things to do on your next trip.

Insights on Common Mistakes: Written with the most recurring mistakes Italian beginners and intermediate learners make in my classes in mind.

Realistic Adult Stories: Using the 1000 most common Italian words and real-life dialogues you're most likely to encounter when in Italy.

Book Bundle (3 short story books for beginners/intermediate levels)


Serena Capilli

Over the last 10 years, Serena has been teaching Italian as a foreign language in Spain, England, Slovakia, and Japan. She focuses on adult language education, and teaching Italian to native English speakers through story telling.