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THE SAND-HILLS OF JUTLAND - 18 tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen

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In this volume you will find 18 children’s stories by the master story-teller - Hans Christian Andersen. This present volume is the second of the selected stories from Hans Christian Andersen. John Ruskin, after whom Ruskin College, Oxford is named, considered "The Sandhills of Jutland" to be “the most perfect story” that he knew.

The 18 tales in this volume are:
The Sand-Hills Of Jutland
The Mud-King's Daughter
The Quickest Runners
The Bell's Hollow
Soup Made Of A Sausage-Stick
The Neck Of A Bottle
The Old Bachelor's Nightcap
The Old Oak Tree's Last Dream
The Wind Relates The Story Of Waldemar Daae and His Daughters
The Girl Who Trod Upon Bread
Olé, The Watchman Of The Tower
Anne Lisbeth; Or, The Apparition Of The Beach
Children's Prattle
A Row Of Pearls
The Pen And The Inkstand
The Child In The Grave

The power of Andersen’s tales to charm and elevate runs like a living thread through whatever he writes. His books have met the tests and held an undiminishing popularity among the best of children's books. They have set the standard, and their place in permanent literature will grow wider and more secure as time passes. Only a few children's authors will, and should, be ranked among the Immortals, and Hans Andersen is without a doubt one of them.

That the genial author travelled widely for a man of his time, has enabled him to add charm to the stories in this volume. Almost everywhere he went he was urged to tell the tales himself. Even though he had become world famous, he did with equal measures of charm and grace in the kitchens of the humble and in the courts of nobles and palaces of kings.
Wherever there are children to read, the stories of Hans Christian Andersen will be read and loved.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities by the publisher.
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