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Do you really need your Sun sign? tells you who you really are?

Just a few puns will merely open the black rabbit hole to sheer asinine stupidstition adamant.

a)The Sun's 16 stations are comparatively unimportant since it stands for faux ego.
b)Anyone can predict e.g. next marriage, stock market or death in seconds by memory.
c)Shoeshine boy thus e.g. minutely foretold death unto famous an “astrologer”.
d)Butcher, florist and said boy predict for customers while serving them. That easy.
e)Recurring Cancer is easily predicted as averted #RTRRT #CancerCure by anyone.
f)Antichrist has Venus in Hydra as opposed to Mars in Cetus (of an undisclosed horoscope). Chinese markets punctually nosedive with Venus in Hydra (to minute second) but thrive (present position) with Venus in Scutum (see also Huawei 2014).
g)That alone should clarify sidereal vs tropical as pure nonsensei. One Mars only.
h)The 16 eastern ascendants for the current epoch can be regarded as HGA for one.
i)Tarot is a 1008/22/16 series of initiations: not a card deck.
j)All so-called house systems not only fail below Oslo but are quite unable to determine ascendant and cardinal points.
k)Morinus and e.g. Robson were aware but of say one house of error but unable to correct: it was seven (7) houses by then already: nowadays up o 270 degrees of error.
l)Gemini never rose at east since Krishna: your “program” wants it “at east” when you can observe it at north instead #QuarterSky
m)The 16 ascendants are of course observable it the real sky.
n)Taurine ascendants being most rare, are perused in delicate stock exchange instances.
o)Aries never rose at east since Jesus.
p)Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpius, Sagittarius and Capricornus are not ascendants.
q)Your often bullied e.g. “cold Capricorn” is Cetus ascendant instead.
r)UK governments make especially stupid errors with Moon in Cetus |||
s)BoE has Moon in Corvus, Saudi in Auriga,
t)Alixe has ascending Moon in Cetus, Pluto sitting on the USA ascendant in “don't tread on my rattlesnake” Serpens Cauda; Juno in Scutum (Venus is in Scutum as we write this), Mercury in Sextans and Venus in 911 position in Orion.
u)Osama Moon matches 911 Moon in Orion (Xi1 Orionis) to perfection: as stressed by Eris in Cetus W 0 alt NYC.
v)We deal with real constellations: something very important especially through southern hemisphere, not “signs”.
w)Dead comet Chiron being the planet of castrates neatly represents a degeneration.

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