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The Creed Explained (Workbook), Sharh as-Sunnah of al-Muzani

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NOT for independent self-study, this workbook is based on the classic text, Sharh as-Sunnah, by al-Imaam Aboo Ibraaheem Ismaa'eel ibn Yahyaa al-Muzani (d.264). You may find a nine-part explanation in English, as free MP3 recordings on al-Masjid al-Awwal's Speaker channel at the following link:

This study guide and compilation of important resources includes:
  • The full text of Sharh as-Sunnah, including the story surrounding why the text was written. This is carefully laid out in original voweled Arabic and clear English.
  • A very helpful "Personal Progress Tracker."
  • Five multiple choice quizzes on the meanings of the narrations, and one comprehensive exam, with answer keys.
  • Five memorization quizzes, and one comprehensive memorization test.
  • An "Isnaad" (chain of transmission) for the text, back to the great scholar, Ibn al-Qayyim, who quoted this entire text in his book, Ijtimaa' al-Juyoosh al-Islaamiyyah.
  • A complete, uninterrupted Arabic text of Sharh as-Sunnah (fully voweled)
  • Another complete, uninterrupted Arabic text, stripped of voweling, to promote Arabic mastery.
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