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THE SANDMAN'S HOUR - 25 Original Bedtime Stories for Children

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Reading bedtime stories to children can be a wonderful way to settle a child’s often overactive mind at the end of a busy day.
This original classic, collection of tales penned by Abbie Phillips Walker, opens the world of fairy tales full of magic and miracles for little ones! These stories are short and sweet, perfect for bedtime. Some will make you laugh and others will teach you a lesson. Find your favourite fairy tale on those pages!

These 25 stories are all original and all sparkling examples of Abby Walker's ability to spin a witty story that is fun to read and listen to. I assure you, you really do want to hear about The Good Sea Monster? The Shoemaker Rat and most of all, The Disorderly Girl?
Be careful not to get too carried away acting out these wonderful stories, because you may end up over-stimulating your children and then they’ll never get to sleep.

The stories in this volume are:
Where The Sparks Go
The Good Sea Monster
Mother Turkey And Her Chicks
The Fairies And The Dandelion
Mr. 'Possum
The Rooster That Crowed Too Soon
Hilda's Mermaid
The Mirror's Dream
The Contest
The Pink And Blue Eggs
Why The Morning-Glory Sleeps
Dorothy And The Portrait
Mistress Pussy's Mistake
The Shoemaker Rat
The Poppies
Little China Doll
The Disorderly Girl
The Wise Old Gander
Dinah Cat And The Witch
The Star And The Lily
Lazy Gray
The Old Gray Hen
The Worsted Doll

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