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Grabbing Mane (Grabbing Mane: Book 1)

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"Buy a horse, they said. It will be fun, they said."

What happens when an adult woman tries to pursue a childhood passion? Casey Halbach's about to find out.

Up until this point, her life was perfectly on track. She had it all: good friends, loving boyfriend, decent job with her very own cubicle. Sure, maybe things feel boring, a little flat - but that's just life, right?

Then, she met Sky. Riding instructor, barn manager, and whirlwind of energy, Sky effortlessly launches Casey back into the saddle. After fifteen years behind a desk, Casey was a little rusty... but the more time she spends at the stable, the more she never wants to leave.

Friends are confused, the boyfriend is concerned, and Casey is conflicted -- but when she decides to take the plunge and buy a horse of her own, she realizes that she was just dabbling in the shallow end before. Now, Casey's pretty sure she's in over her head, but the crazy thing is:
She thinks she likes it this way.

Can anyone balance life, work, and horses? Casey's going to give it a try. Indeed, she's pretty sure she doesn't have a choice.

For anyone who has ever loved a horse, dreamed about their very own pony, or simply clock-watched their way through another boring day at the office, Grabbing Mane is our story. Testing the boundaries of who we think we are, adjusting to strange new realities, and (hopefully) bringing our partners along for the ride: balancing real life, and equestrian life, isn't easy.

Grabbing Mane is Book One in a new series about adult amateur equestrian life, from award-winning author Natalie Keller Reinert.

Early Reviews for Grabbing Mane:

"Natalie has done it again and with all new characters! I loved getting to know Casey, Brandon and of course the lovely James! I especially liked the fact that Casey was just like all of us, bitten by the horse bug but having to make her way in the real world, with all the conflicts and confidence issues that haunt horse-girls everyday."
- Kathleen Edwards, Goodreads

"It is relatable and extremely well-written. Anyone who has been into horses and has walked away for a while will understand."
-Jo, Goodreads

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