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Blood and Thunder (Blood Vice 2) signed paperback

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Being a vampire isn't easy...

Jenna Skye thought she could pull it off without giving up her old life, but the compromises are taking a toll—and not just on her. Jenna’s sister Laura is eager to return to her glamorous life in Hollywood, and Mandy, Jenna’s wolfy partner, is getting sick of playing her K9 sidekick to get around the police department’s red tape.

Jenna’s never been good with change, but with her human existence slipping further and further out of her reach, she has no choice but to accept FBI agent Roman Knight’s offer to help the supernatural police force ruled by House Lilith hunt down a serial killer targeting new vampires in St. Louis… like her. Playing bait isn’t exactly what Jenna had in mind, but it’s a rookie lump she’ll have to take if she wants a shot at joining Blood Vice—and if she wants to survive her new life as a vampire.

New to Jenna and House Lilith?
If you love urban fantasy with paranormal law enforcement and modern vampire royalty, begin this series with book one, Blood Vice, today!

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