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Out for Blood (Blood Vice 8) signed paperback

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This vampire princess is out for blood.

Jenna thought thwarting the Free Blooders’ plans in St. Louis would send the wolf rebels back into the shadows, but the organization’s reach is much further than anyone realized. House Lilith pays dearly for this lack of foresight. Before they have time to recover from the devastating loss, their enemies strike again. The night after Ursula is crowned queen, multiple bomb attacks are reported across the country, all targeting high profile members of supernatural society.

The Vampiric High Council demands retribution, and every Blood Vice agent is assigned overtime in the search for the Free Blooders and their leader, Marcel Moreau. So, it's up to House Lilith to save one of their own when the royal family is ambushed. With the future of their family and world at stake, they seek out every ally at their disposal—friends in low places, high places, and places lost in time.

New to Jenna and House Lilith?
If you love urban fantasy with paranormal law enforcement and modern vampire royalty, begin this series with book one, Blood Vice, today!

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