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Blitzed Issue 3

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Andy McCluskey Interview by Paul Browne

And Another Thing… by Kevin O’Dowd

Howard Jones Interview by Martin James

Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing by Paul Browne

Clare Grogan Interview by Paul Browne

Blancmange Interview by Paul Browne

Lost Songs by Paul Browne

Tech Corner by Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet Review

Tramps! by Paul Browne

Electronic Café

Tubeway Army: Replicas by Mik Scarlet

Gary Numan at Wembley by Mik Scarlet

Gary Numan at Newcastle by Jan Blackwell

Blitzed Artefact: Scary Monsters by Paul Browne

Into The Purple Zone by Paul Browne

Dubstar Review by Simon Heavisides

Sun’s Signature Review by Darren Douglas Danahy

Human’s Lib/Dream Into Action Review by Martin James

Speed of Sound Review by Paul Browne

Stranger Things Review by Paul Browne

Wavewulf Review by Paul Browne

The Heart Is Strange Review by Martin James

Comic Strip Presents: Making History by Lucy Robinson

Blitzed Songbook by Paul Browne

Will Gregory Live Review by Mik Scarlet

Peter Hook Live Review by Imogen Bebb

She’s Got Claws Interview by Mik Scarlet

BlakLight Interview by Paul Browne

Gavin Conner Interview by Michael White

Blade Runner Soundtrack by Michael White

The Human Factor of Synthesist by Darren Douglas Danahy

Punk Art Show by Mik Scarlet

Tubeway Days Live Review by Mik Scarlet

AnalogueTrash by Mark Buckley
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