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Garter Ripple Squish

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Is this the most fun you can have with garter stitch? Quite possibly.

I love the look of crocheted ripple blankets but they have always defeated me. I love feather and fan patterns but wanted something a little less feminine for my son and I love garter stitch - and ‘lo - Garter Ripple Squish was born.

Garter - for lovely, soothing, dependable garter stitch - my first choice for baby blankets.

Ripple - for the fun, easy to work pattern

Squish - the name given to his new blanket by my son.

The blanket, as worked in dk yarn is on the smallish side - approx 24.5” by 27”. This size is ideal for use in prams, cribs, car seats etc but it could easily be made larger by using worsted or aran weight yarn on larger needles or by adding pattern repeats. Each pattern repeat adds about 3” horizontally across the blanket.

Use a mixture of yarns from your stash, go for bold contrasting stripes or more subtle combinations - the choice is yours.

Have fun with the GRS. I look forward to seeing your creations.

Yarn: DK
Yardage: 550-730m (600-800 yds)
Needle: 4mm
As written, finished blanket measures approx 24.5" by 27"

If you are Stashbusting
If you are looking for major stash busting opportunities then look no further. The multicoloured version (with cat) was created using 3 strands of 4ply yarn (lots of sock leftovers) held together on 7mm needles.

Yarn: 3 strands of 4ply sock yarn held together
Yardage: Stashbusting opportunities - at least 1500m sockweight yarn
Needle: 7 mm

Please note that no additional pattern directions are given for the stashbusting version as each knitter will have varying amounts of stash available and the gauge obtained has the potential to vary wildly. This option is mentioned to draw attention to the versatility of this ripple pattern in a variety of weights of yarn. If you are planning to make a multi-stranded version please be aware that you will need to work a gauge swatch and decide what size of blanket you wish to make.
You will get a PDF (695KB) file