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God Bless the USA National Parks Fact Cards

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Add the fun factor to US geography studies with our beautiful national park fact cards. What a great way to learn about our 63 national parks with information, location, and a colorful photo for on each park's card and a pretty leaf print on the backside. These cards often spark interest for students in  digging deeper online or in books about landforms, animals who live there, plants that grow there, and fun things to do when you visit. Students may end up writing reports or planning your next family vacation.

Created to supplement God Bless the USA Exploring States & TerritoriesGod Bless the USA National Park Fact Cards introduce children to beautiful and amazing landforms all over the country like volcanoes, coral reefs, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, forests, deserts, canyons, buttes, caves, and cliffs in our national parks.

Both elementary and middle school students will enjoy adding this to any study of US geography or unit on national parks. The fact cards are divided into geographical sections like the rest of our God Bless the USA series.

God Bless the USA National Parks Fact Cards introduces your children to our beautiful national parks with a beautiful photo, location of the park, landforms, animals, and plants.

There are 63 national park fact cards  for your family to enjoy!

Print this file on cardstock double-sided. Cut out fact cards. Laminate for long-term use.

Each fact card contains the following information:
  • Picture from the park
  • Name of park
  • Location of the park
  • Some of the Landforms in the park
  • Some of the Animals who live in the park
  • Some of the Plants growing in the park
  • Some of the fun things you can do (Recreation) at the park

You can use these cards to
  • Learn about the parks
  • Plan a vacation to one of the parks
  • Spark interest to write a report on one of the parks
  • Spark interest to write a report on one of the animals or plants in a park
  • Discover all the fun things you can do (Recreation) at each of the parks.

Travel is my favorite way to learn geography. I wish I could visit all 63 US National Parks, and that doesn't even include national monuments, historic sites, and seashores! If you can't visit our 63 national parks in person, learning about them with these super-fun Fact Cards is the Next Best Thing!
You will get a PDF (21MB) file