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Donkey Training Reward Bag! Multiple pockets and Lightweight

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My husband had this lightweight treat pouch designed for me to use during training sessions or hikes and I love it!
So we ordered extras!

My usual bag worked but it was heavy leather and did hurt my back during long sessions.. this one is much more comfortable.

There are multiple pockets and a divider in the main pocket. Then there is the most perfect pocket on the side to carry a 15ml essential oil! This is great is you're like me and want to carry the donkeys favorite oil during training sessions. That can really be helpful... but thats another story!
The belt is adjustable.
To see the bag and learn why a treat bag is important for training watch this: Why Use a Reward Bag???

ALL the feedback I've got back about this bag has been so positive some people came back and ordered 2!
😊Shipping is included

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