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Donkey Training Level 2: Desensitize and Build Confidence

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Donkey Training Level 2

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Want to be able to use fly spray on your donkey? Want your donkey to be confident around farrier tools and other objects?
If you have your donkeys trust then it's time to move on. Please do not skip this level of training for your donkey if you plan to train for advanced skills! This level is about the following:
  • Reducing Fear to objects
  • Building more confidence in being touched and handled
  • Encourages thinking instead of reaction.
It's very important for donkeys to be comfortable, not with just you, but with their surroundings and new objects.

What's included in my Level 2 training ecourse? 

  • In this level, there are 7 exercises to help build your donkeys confidence and desensitize. 5 major exercises and 2 level up!
  • I include tips on how to do this without stress to the donkey or you!
  • There are 7 videos in this course featuring an older donkey named Flash that previously had no training until he came to my farm. He did well in Level 1 but now its time to move on.
  • A checklist of items to desensitize, too
  • And a checklist to help you determine if it's time to move on to level 3
A calm desensitized donkey is a happier donkey than a donkey that's scared of everything new it comes in contact with. This level is of extreme importance if you plan to train your donkey for advanced skills.

Please know you can contact me if you have any questions or problems
I'm very serious when I say I want you to be successful with your donkey and goals!

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You will get a PDF (625KB) file

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