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Donkey Training Level 4: Trailer Loading Training & Bonus

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Level 4 in my Donkey Training Program is trailer loading!! 

Please know you can absolutely use my training programs out of the order I have them in. This is just the order that works for me and helps keep me organized with all the donkeys I have to train. 

In this training course, you will learn how to load your donkey using positive reenforcement methods. No jerking, no pulling, no forcing. 
This method does require your donkey to trust you and that you have patience! 

Working just a little at a time, your donkey will not only learn to load but also learn to like to load! 

I've included videos on how I use this method with a donkey named Flash. From beginning to end, you see him trained to load up without drama.
You also get the bonus videos on the prerequisite training I use to help prepare a donkey. 

Included in this course:
🌟2 optional prerequisite training videos for platform and jumping!
🌟4 Videos on Trailer training an untrained donkey to load
🌟Tips and resource lists
🌟Checklist guide to help prepare for training
BONUS Extra download!!! A Guide of travel tips and a checklist of recommended things to take with you on an Off the Farm Donkey-Venture!

Trailer loading is a very important skill every donkey needs to learn. For fun things like loading up and going on a hike to having to make an unexpected vet visit. All donkeys need to learn this!

This course, like all my courses, are in my Donkey Training Membership group on patreon.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (733KB)
  • PDF (422KB)