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Donkey Training Level 1: Foundation

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Donkey Training Level 1: Foundation

This is the first ecourse in my training program. It's a simple to follow program to help you build trust and a solid foundation for your partnership with your donkey.
My Level 1 is based on positive reinforcement training methods. This does not simply mean giving a treat for something they did. It's a form of communication that must be built. 

What is in this booklet:
  1. Focus of this Level
  2. Rules of the Game: Treat Manners
  3. What you need for this level
  4. Why Targeting (+R training method)
  5. Why Grooming Training
  6. Recommended Training Tools and Tips on using treats as rewards
  7. Exercises: Standing Tied and Standing at Liberty
  8. Level Up exercise: Hiking Training
  9. Additional Video links page
  10. Check List for Standing Tied
  11. Checklist for moving on!
  12. Also, Why I do this, Author's page and Resource links for your convenience. 
This PDF booklet is 13 pages long. It includes clickable helpful links to videos from my YouTube channel that go along with some exercises to better help you understand how to train the techniques. 

Since the booklet is in PDF form, you can print a copy for reference without needing to start up a computer and you can print the checklist.

This information is included in my Donkey Training Membership Group. The membership group includes multiple case studies, exclusive videos and other levels of training.
Not everyone wants a subscription so I've made this training level booklet available for those people who are looking for a simple, to the point and kind training program.
My level 1 training will give you a foundation with your donkey that you and the donkey will enjoy learning. 
You will get a PDF (542KB) file

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