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Friends to the End Bible Study E-book by Meredith Curtis

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Imagine yourself surrounded by friends who laugh and cry with you. Imagine enjoying close friendships with family members instead of constant strife and bickering. Imagine working through conflict without losing your cool or getting trampled. Is this possible?

God has a plan for friendship. His ways are perfect. His biblical principles work in relationships. Your life is probably filled with relationships, good and bad. Are these relationships healthy? Do they build you up or tear you down? Do you find yourself looking forward to being with the people in your world or dreading it?

If you struggle to build strong relationships, you are not alone. Many ladies find themselves surrounded by people, yet feeling lonely. But, Jesus has the answer! Learn about friendship from the One who made you.

These principles work! Try them and see. They work in your relationships with other ladies, and men too. They work with peers, older people, and young children. Your relationships with neighbors, family members, co-workers, church members, husband, and children will become healthier and more fun.

Pairing biblical insight with practical tips, Meredith offers answers to the questions you have about relationships.

How can I find a friend?
Who should I be friends with?
How can I get close to my friends?
What characterizes a strong friendship?
When should I back away?
How can I walk through conflict without falling apart?
How can I grow in the Lord with my friend?
How can I keep friends for a lifetime?

Let’s dig into the Word of God together. She who has true friends is rich indeed!

Series: Ladies Bible Study
Author:  Meredith Curtis
Publisher: Powerline Productions
E-book: 93 pages
Age/Grade: 10-100

You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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