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HERO TALES AND LEGENDS OF THE SERBIANS - over 80 Serbian tales and legends

Asian Indians manifest their poetry in their huge temples; the Persians in their holy books; the Egyptian in pyramids, obelisks and the like; the Hellene in their magnificent statues; the Romans in their enchanting pictures; the Germans in their beautiful music—but the Slavs have poured out their soul and their intimate thoughts in ballads and tales.

Herein are 33 Serbian superstitions and national customs, 12 legends of Prince Marko, a Serbian national hero, the epic poem of the hero knight Banovitch Strahinya, 3 epic Serbian ballads, the marriages of Maximus Tzrnoyevitch, Tsar Doushan The Mighty, King Voukashin,and of Stephan Yakshitch, each filled with drama and awe, plus 20 folk tales and 7 Serbian anecdotes. All-in-all a complete volume of Serbian folklore which includes 32 colour illustrations of the stories and events contained therein.

So compelling are these stories and tales that in the first half of the nineteenth century various German poets transversified some of the Serbian national ballads into German. One of these, Jacob Grimm, of Grimm's Fairy Tales, learned Serbian so that he might acquaint himself with these Serbian literary treasures.

So, we invite you to get yourself a hot toddy, download this book, then sit back in front of a roaring fire and read these tales. But be prepared to be pleasantly surprised for Serbian folklore is like none other.

10% of the publisher’s profit is donated to charities.

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