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Walk in Chicago # 1: the river and the center of The Loop

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My favorite walk to introduce newcomers to the city: it dives right into the Loop vibe as you get off the subway, runs along what is arguably the most beautiful part of the river, explore a small museum full of information on the movable bridges and the history of the city, then move on to the entertainment and business districts with their stunning 1920s buildings and their monumental sculptures.

You’ll get a 6 pages pdf with a clickable map showing you the way, steps by steps instructions for your walk (about 3 miles, count between 90 minutes and a few hours to complete it depending you what you decide to do along your way), info about unusual places to visit, location of restrooms, places to sit and places to eat, and 8 photos taken along the way.

”The casual writing style, random tips and history tidbits, the photos [...] and the use of [...] detours creates a unique walking tour experience that is indeed quite unusual -and incredible.” Mackenzie Tobor, March 2023

You will get a PDF (670KB) file