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Ambition (The Eventing Series: Book 1)

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A Wild Ride Through Florida's Horse Country

Jules came to Ocala one year ago, with only one goal on her mind: becoming a top Three-Day Event rider and trainer. She's young, hungry, and driven by demons only she knows about. To Jules, being fiercely ambitious is simply the fuel she needs to achieve her dreams.

But to the rest of the Ocala equestrian set, Jules Thornton is a nasty know-it-all who deserves whatever comeuppance she gets.

Jules doesn't get the hate. What’s a hard-knocking horsewoman supposed to do when no one likes her, everyone is whispering behind her back, and the same pretty rich boy keeps beating her at every event?

It will take a hurricane to blow some sense into Jules, and even then, she won't be quick to accept help. If Jules is going to succeed, she has to learn to let go of her past and embrace a different version of the world she's built for herself: one in which people can be just as trustworthy as horses, and everyone deserves a fair shake. With deepening friendships, a budding romance, and a fresh start, Jules could be on the road to recovery. 

If she doesn't mess it up for herself.

Take a journey like no other, as you explore the gorgeous Florida horse country with Jules and her horses, working students, and friends in Ambition. The first in a bestselling series which has captivated thousands of readers, Ambition is a deep dive into the tough, unglamorous world of professional equestrians - and the ways this challenging industry molds its future stars.

It’s the perfect escape for anyone seeking equestrian fiction or horse books for adults. In this seven-book series, you can join Jules Thornton and a cast of horses and equestrians on an intensely realistic and relatable ride through Three-Day Eventing, as Jules learns not just about becoming a better horsewoman, but a better human.

Read the entire series!
  • Bold: A Prequel to the Eventing Series
  • Book 1: Ambition
  • Book 2: Pride
  • Book 3: Courage
  • Book 4: Luck
  • Book 5: Forward
  • Book 6: Prospect
  • Book 7: Home
Reviews for Ambition

"Natalie weaves the story of Jules, her horses, and their uncertain road to the upper levels of eventing with realism and detail." - The Equine Insider

"'Ambition' is one of the good ones." - Susannah St. Clair (Vine Voice Reviewer)

"This all felt very real to me." - Karen McGoldrick, author of The Dressage Chronicles

"I loved watching her story unfold -- the good, the bad, and the ugly were highly entertaining." - Brittney Joy, author of the Red Rock Ranch Series

"In Jules Natalie Keller Reinert has created a barbed wire heroine who still, despite her arrogance, and her pathetic inability to see the good in people, still has something about her that catches at your heart." - Jane Badger, Editor and Equestrian Writer

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Customer Reviews

Abner's m.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Great authentic read

Too many horse books reflect a distorted, fairy tale world that with all horses all things are rosey. This book is authentic, engaging and real. Enjoy getting an insiders look at the triumphs earned through haed, sweaty work , where often we are the biggest problem.

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