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PRE-ORDER The Eleventh House: Friven Empire Book 1 (Releases July 12 2023)

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For centuries ten ruling Houses have governed the people of the Friven Empire. They have maintained order by brutal force, ensuring their place as ruling Elites. But things were not always this way. There was once another House. It held the balance of power, ensuring peace among the empire. Until its members vanished. Over time, people forgot they ever existed. The Elites thought they had eradicated all descendants of the bloodline.

They were wrong.

Aribeth Forraine, the last surviving member of the exiled Eleventh House, is about to rise from the ashes to claim her Kin Rite, and she's not alone. With her army of outcasts, she will bring the empire to its knees. Her first target is the cold-hearted emperor, Caleb the Black. The only problem is Caleb is not who he appears to be.

Content Warning: Brawny alpha males, and feisty heroines. Not suitable for people under 18. It contains mature content.
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