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Spirette LLC Uncommon Crutching in Sundress and Light Foot Play (HD 1280x720)

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We gave Spirette a angled long leg cast and she gave us one of the most interesting performance on sticks that we've seen gimping on one heel. Crutching enthusiasts will love this one because she crutches like... she is about to take off and fly. Thats the only way to describe it at she holds her angled casted leg high and out in front of her as she thrusts forward often crouched and with her crutches way out to the side... And she does it in a place where tourists get to gawk at her awkward gait and frozen leg with naked toes as well. She's also obsessed wit cleaning off those naked toes every time she stops to rest. Some nice closeups too but really some must see crutching in this one. Her ample bust held in only by the neck strap of her shoulderless sundress doesn't hurt this clip either!
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