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Study Skills - Diagnostic Inventory

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This diagnostic tool is designed to help students to check preparedness for study. It is not meant to be prescriptive but to be adapted to suit the needs of the individual student. It is a generic tool which can be adapted to your own specific needs by deleting or ignoring any question that does not apply to your particular situation and adding any additional questions you think appropriate. With over 200 items to consider its purpose is to give you a comprehensive checklist to help you to examine all aspects of your study and prompt you to take actions to counter any weakness in your study regime. Over time you constantly improve your systems for study and many small improvements sum together to increase overall gains. Conducting the diagnostic audit is just the first step. For it to be of benefit you then need to draw up and implement an action plan to make your study as effective as it can be. If there are a lot of items to be worked on pick a small number of them to work on first. When you are happy with your progress on those pick a few more. The idea of the blank spaces is to encourage you to think about your own situation and what other comments might be appropriate for you.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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