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Unexpected Affairs

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An 80,000-word anthology. 12 steamy stories.

Love is a complicated thing. We want it to come out like a movie.
But movies only cover what's socially acceptable and allowed.
This collection is about complicated love, for which the rules have to be made up as you go.

It's complicated
A story about love and its many faces and metamorphosis.

An Affair unexpected
Meeting the man of your dreams at the wrong time.

In My Dreams
Paranormal experiences induced with unexpected external help push our lovers over the edge they wanted to start with (Unicorn love)

Lawn Service gigolo
A wife takes matters into her own hands after her husband's deceit proves too much.

First-time hotwife with the brother-in-law as the bull.

Exploring Outdoors (Previously Natural Consequences)
Hotwife, MF, FF exploration in nature. A wife and husband go camping and find a new expression if their relationship.

Unexpected Sensations
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. A woman was in an accident, finds love even after she thought she was unlovable. And, finds there are more tricks to satisfaction than she thought.

Dog Days
Millionaire romance. A young vet and animal activist finds an unlikely ally in the corporate world. She wants to hate him but she finds a book is more than its cover.

cuckold, MFF, FF, MF, female bisexual cuckold, first time, cheating, menage romance, threesome, steamy menage a trois, fetish, adultery, infidelity, anal sex, unsafe sexual practices, bareback sex, unicorn, medical erotica.
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