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The Disruptive Brand + Marketing blue print

THE DISRUPTIVE BRAND + Marketing Blueprint (pre-order)

Teaching you how to use press, social media, and your own platforms to stay visible... without extra work

About The Book:
This book was created with the new online brand owner in mind! This e-book is an in depth look at how to keep your brand visible 24/7 without stressing about what you are doing minute to minute for you marketing efforts.
It is not easy transitioning from a 9-5 employee to business builder with no formal education on expanding a business. This book will give you the bootstrapping opportunity to learn and use marketing platforms to:

  • Create brand credibility
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • create automation in your sales process with little maintenance after set-up

I have no complex 2 year "drain-you-dry" sales funnel

By the time you find me you may already have wasted months/years with another "marketing guru" who gives little information upfront and in order to learn more (possibly) they always have something to sell you. THAT'S NOT HAPPENING HERE!

Building 70-steps sales funnels gets to be exhausting and a waste of money to all those I am trying to serve. It also leads to less transparency, which I pride myself on. So here is my transparent sales funnel I will bring you through (business owner to business owner):

You can buy my e-book and marketing blueprint... read it and implement.
If you need more help with using the information, join our group coaching program.
Sometimes we prefer a professional hand to help us... you will have the option to use my agency's services

It is literally this simple! The best part is, when working with me I will give you highly valued information at all times. In this space I am a firm believer in your business needing to gain the visibility fast because there is someone in great need of your offers. Fast visibility does not happen if I am draining you dry at every lesson that needs to be learned for your business. 

My vision when writing this book was to give new and seasoned business owners a chance to learn how to use digital resources and a traditional marketing tactic for 90% less than others would charge with 90% more information than others are willing to give upfront . Why?, because marketing is a necessity in business and if you are guided wrong due to financial situations preventing you to gain high quality information, or finding out a marketing coach may not quite be updated on how to move your business in this decade, your business suffers.

many do not know where to start when earning traffic to their business pages

Whether business has been open for years or a few days business owners get the same overwhelming feeling when it comes to figuring out the way to increase traffic. With the increase of technology it feels as the world is at all of our finger tips, which it is; but have you figured out how to use it specifically for your business? 

In the book you'll be learning different ways to increase traffic by being in 7 places at once at all times using platforms and the media. Social media is our first lesson due to their being over 1 billion people using social platforms and creators of platforms implementing shopping in-app. Though I am not a firm believer on selling in-app until you have reached a certain point in notoriety, imagine gaining so much traffic that you will be able to monetize your pages without sending your audience anywhere else. 

As great as that sounds, pushing traffic to your website or email enables you to own your traffic in order to advertise to people who have expressed their interest in what you are building. 

Marketing is a visibility process, not sales...

Before jumping into the book, understanding that marketing is NOT your sales process but will be part of it, is a very important key. By the time you purchase the e-book your back-end of business and front-end should be established. Showing your brand to thousands of people will be hurtful if the fulfillment process was not thought out. Marketing can also become useless if your customers can not place an order easily.

My job is to control the narrative your customers think about your brand and control what/when they see. Marketing can tell a story that will convince your audience to buy continuously without having to manually remind them everyday.

new business owners turn to family and friends only to be disappointed

Stop asking your family and friends to share your business through social media or their social gathering places. Sadly, those you love will endorse a big name brand that does not need their endorsement faster than shouting out your small business. In the same time it takes to convince family and friends you could build a larger audience of strangers that give credibility to your business and will share it without thinking much.

Word of mouth marketing works, however, it will not always come through the people you support and love. Learn how to build know, like, trust with complete strangers in order to build your brand name.

You'll pay for digital ads without knowing anything about advertising

another issue I come across often is due to easy access of advertising. Though you as a business owner have the right to create and run an ad, you might get frustrated when the lack of interest is shown. Running ads, especially in the digital space is a very delicate process at this moment and not to be taken lightly. In the book and through the blueprint I teach one type of advertisement that is a sure fire way to build presence and sell other products.

other places you can find all this information

Youtube and Google University has a low tuition but takes a longer time to become a master. What will take you 6-18 months to learn via web resources and trial & error to start phase 1 of marketing is all in this book.  

You and I both know you do not have time to waste...people are looking for what you have. You can pay other marketing gurus or spend hours surfing the web or groups on how to get the job done. I am giving you a one stop option to learn and continue learning for your business. 

Why choose this book as your go to resource

Sometimes hiring someone to do the marketing work is not in your budget. This book + the marketing blueprint is a DIY version of what my team and I do for my clients. There is no way I could make this book and not offer you the way we get phase 1 of marketing a business done.

Grab the e-book and pre-order your marketing blueprint today to get started!

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$ 9.85

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