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Imelda @ Payhip

14 Best Free Editing Packs You Can Download on Payhip

Last updated: July 18, 2023

If you’re thinking about taking your video production quality to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of free editing packs from various Payhip sellers so you can download them for free and use them in your own projects. Whether you’re adding overlays, transitions, presets, or effects – these packs will help you create stunning videos.

Note that by downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these editing packs for personal or commercial reasons.

Are you ready to create some amazing videos? Download these free editing packs to help you finish the job with style!

Free 3D Object Overlays Editing Pack

3D Object Overlays by VORXX

14 Drag-and-drop 3D assets that are ready to use in your video! Place these transparent overlays above your video layer in your after effects project file.

Download via Payhip 

Free Digital VHS CRT Editing Pack

Digital VHS CRT Editing Pack by OutofOrder

10 Unique 4K CRT and VHS Overlays. No plug-ins required, easily drag and drop into your project. Free for commercial and personal use.

Download via Payhip 

Free Neptuns Editing Pack

Neptuns Free Editing Pack by Neptuns Editing Store

You will get Neptuns Text Presets, Transitions (“for beginner” Scale,Rotation,Position), and Easy Twixtor amongst many other overlays, textures, and more.

Download via Payhip 

Free Neptuns Editing Pack 2

Neptuns Free Editing Pack 2 by Neptuns Editing Store

You will get free framer, blurs, CCs, overlays, particles, pinarts, SFXs, and much more.

Download via Payhip 

Free KQ’s Editing X Ident Pack

KQ’s Free Editing X Ident Pack by KQ

Includes a ton of stuff to edit highlight videos and make idents.

Download via Payhip 

Free All-In-One Editing Starter Pack

All-In-One Editing Starter Pack by sxltie

This pack includes 10 project files, and various items such as custom 3d shape generator, 20 presets, 1,711 color corrections, 600 fonts, 143 green screens, tutorials/tips, and so much more.

Download via Payhip 

Free DD.AEP Editing Pack

dd.aep Free Editing Pack by dd.aep

This free editing pack, includes: 5 cc’s, 15 effects, 6 one-frames, 75 overlays, 8 shakes, 7 twitch shakes and 8 turbs.

Download via Payhip 

Free 40 + Effects Editing Pack

Effects 40+/ Pack by akurqs

You will need sapphire plugin. Get access to this free 40+ effects editing pack.

Download via Payhip 

Free Mini Chassets Content Editing Pack

Mini Chassets Content Editing Pack

Mini Chassets Content Editing Pack by Chassets

Wanna edit like your favourite YouTubers? With Chassets, you are given the assets necessary to recreate this style of content OR branch out & use these as a baseline to make your own NEW content style.

Download via Payhip 

Free Gkdnz Editing Pack

Gkdnz EDITING PACK #1 by Gkdnzaep

Get free access to CCs, shakes, twitches, presets, overlays, fonts and more!

Download via Payhip 

Free Ultimate Editing Pack

Ultimate Editing Pack #1 by owenvfx

You’ll need After Effects, MBL, BCC, Sapphire, Twixtor, Twitch, and Deep Glow. You’ll be getting tons of various FFX.

Download via Payhip 

ian.vfxxx Free Editing Pack

ian.vfxxx Free Editing Pack by ianvfxxx

This editing pack contains audio, overlays, twixtor settings, and more.

Download via Payhip 

Marquez & T3nda Free Editing Pack

「Marquez & T3nda first Editing Pack by Marquez Editing store

This editing pack contains shakes, cc’s, and twixtor settings. Works for After Effects.

Download via Payhip 

Fluid Overlays 1.0 Free Editing Pack

Fluid Overlays 1.0 by FishPai

Consists of 12 Fluid Overlay Elements custom-made by me! Feel free to use them anywhere.

Download via Payhip 

While all of these editing packs are free to download, we encourage you to support your favorite creators with a little extra dough. The pay-what-you-want functionality is built right into each of the product listings, so you can be as generous as you wish (it’s completely optional).

Whether you are starting out your video editing journey or are a professional, these best free editing packs can help you a lot in your creative process. If you find any other great free editing packs, don’t forget to share them in the comments.

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